Feb 13, 2017

Nice lift
Leah A.

It really does keep everything "up" where it belongs. But i like that it's also low cut enough to wear under V-neck t-shirts
Jan 29, 2017

Confidence boost
Ebony M.

Words cant explain how great I felt when I put on this bra. I've always been self conscious about wearing low cut tops or dresses because I have no cleavage but this actually makes me look like a woman. Thank you <3
Jan 21, 2017

Not as padded as I'd like
Tran N.

Pretty and gives push up, but not as padded as bras I have from Victorias Secret.
Jan 11, 2017

Lift for D cups
Claire W.

This looks great and gives my 34Ds lift and support without looking vulgar or giving me quad-boob. It's versatile and the straps can be changed depending on the shirt youre wearing or they can be removed completely.
Dec 27, 2016

The only bra I need
Courtney R.

I love that with the adjustable cleavage I can have the perfect look for any occasion without having to purchase multiple bras. The shoulder straps can be taken off or worn different ways and my cleavage can be subtle or dramatic depending on how far I pull the cleavage control straps. I bought 2 colors and now I rarely wear any other bra.
Dec 15, 2016

Very nice quality
Christine B.

I'm a smaller breasted woman & I like the extra boost that I received from this bra. The bra was very comfortable & that's alot to be said for a bra. I liked that the strap in the back had 4 options for the fit. Very nice bra. I feel you get what you pay for & w/this bra it was WELL WORTH THE MONEY