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Why Are Upbra® Bras So Expensive?

Ever wonder why are Upbra bras so expensive? Well, we are here to explain how our craftsmanship, our commitment to quality, and our local manufacturing all contribute to luxury price and equally luxury quality of Upbra bras and swim tops.

Designed with You In Mind

Upbra bras and swim tops are designed with the feedback of our design team and real life women in mind. Every Upbra bra and swim top is worn by testers in house as well as on real women before being sold on our site. It takes up to two years from the first the initial sketches and prototypes for a new model to be sold- in fact the initial Upbra bra took nearly 10 years to be designed to our satisfaction! Prototypes are on average remade and altered around 20 times. Our design team, customer service team, and other employees all test the new prototypes themselves, taking them home and wearing them daily, washing them, and giving their feedback before the design moves on to the next stage. All of this attention to detail and care for design impact the price tag of Upbra bras and swim tops.

Made In USA

Of all the bra brands out there, only a few still manufacture their products here in the USA. Upbra® bras are one of the few brands still proudly made by hand by some of the best sewers in the USA.

Outsourcing allows companies to save costs on materials and labor, as well as to increase their profit margin: the average cost of bras made overseas is $4-$7. However, outsourcing often results in products which usually have lower quality materials, as well as imperfect construction. Upbra bras are the most complicated bras made, with more components than any bra has ever had, and those materials have to be expertly produced.”


Upbra bras and swim tops are handmade by our team of skilled seamstresses right here in California. The seamstresses also work closely with our design team and manufacturing engineers, and design improvements are made weekly. If a component of an Upbra is bra is off by just a millimeter, it’s off, nobody can wear it. Machines that can do the kind of detailed multi layer construction used in Upbra bras don't exist.

Smart Sizing

Upbra has revolutionized bra sizing, which the invention of our Upbra Mobile Bra Size Calculator, which gives you the power to find your ideal bra size in the comfort of your own home just by using your phone! What we learned from talking with our customers, that tape measures are amazingly difficult to use properly. If you try to measure yourself, tapes tend to fall down in the back. If someone else measures you who isn't well trained, they don't know how tight to pull the tape. And even in stores, sometimes the 'pros' will measure you with a bra, and sometimes without. We've found the Upbra Mobile Bra Size calculator be more accurate than using a tape measure on yourself, and about as accurate as having someone else measure you with a tape, while being a whole lot more convenient.
This sizing technology has allowed us to size women much more accurately, and this along with our commitment to offering free returns and exchanges is another factor in the price of our products.


The cost of Upbra bras and swim tops reflects the care and craftsmanship put into each and every product that we manufacture, and we are proud to have all Coolware products fully sourced and constructed in the USA.


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Upbra bras and swim tops are made in the USA Handmade in California. Just for you!
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