7 Most Common Bra Problems

True life: Bras are the worst. But they don't have to be. In fact, it can be life changing! It can enhance, maximize and lift what you naturally have and never thought possible. Here are your 7 Most Common Bra Problems, Solved!

1. Strapless Bras that Slip Down

In terms of the most annoying fashion problems, having your strapless bra slowly slip down your torso is at the very top. Plus having to constantly pull it back up or shimmy your falling bra back into place is not the most attractive behavior. Thankfully, the Upbra strapless bra will solve that issue. It will keep you in place all day long and give you amazing cleavage and lift like never before.

2. Rising Back Band

You generally want your back band to be parallel with the floor around the back of your body. If your back band rides up, your band size is probably too big.  This can also happen if you tighten your shoulder straps too much, or even if the band is simply stretched out from wear.

If you find your back band riding up and your shoulder straps are comfortable (not too tight) we suggest trying a smaller band size. For example, if you are wearing a 34B bra and the back band rides up, try a smaller band (for example 32) and the same size cup (think sister sizes) so a 32 band with the same cup as a 34B would be a 32C.  Same thing if you wear for example a 36D... try a smaller band (34) and the same cup and get a 34DD.

3. Spillage Over Your Cups

If you experience spillage over your cups, your bra is too small.  The solution is to get a bra one cup size bigger with the same band size.  If for example you wear a 36D and get spillage, then try a 36DD.

If moving up a cup size isn’t your answer, then consider changing the style bra you are wearing.  If you are wearing a demi cup and have a spillage issue, then try a T-shirt style bra. 

4. Gapping

If you have more room in the cups than you need, first tighten the shoulder straps and/or the back band.  If that doesn't work, move down a cup size, for example move from a 36C to a 36B. A less obvious solution is to move from a T-shirt style bra to a convertible style, which is more like a demi cup, which tends to be cut with a smaller silhouette, which helps reduce gapping. 

5. Straps that Slip

Tighten your shoulder straps. We see women all the time with extremely loose straps.  It just happens over time. If your straps slip, feel free to tighten them. 

If  you have narrow or sloped shoulders, where bra straps are more prone to falling down your arm, try a different hook position. Upbra Convertible bras have multiple hook positions, and you can even cross them in the back (as well as the front). 

6. Straps that Dig In

The obvious solution is to make sure your straps are not too tight and not too narrow.  The less obvious solution is to check your back band.  Most bras, and especially Upbra bras use the back band to provide support in the front. If your band size is too big, much of the support and lift work will be transferred to the shoulder straps.  The solution is to get a bra with a smaller band size. For example, switch from a 38B to a 36C (same cup size with a smaller back band).

7. Exposed Nipples

If you find that your nipples are prone to peeking out a bit, we suggest moving from a demi cup like the Upbra convertible bras to a more full cup bra like the Upbra T-shirt bras.



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