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Frequently Asked Questions
I have small breasts. Will Upbra work for me?
What is the difference between the T-Shirt and the Convertible Upbra Bra?

Do you have any physical stores?
Do you carry bra extenders?

What is your smallest size?
Do you have a coupon?

Are Upbra bras comfortable?
I have larger breasts. What will Upbra do for me?

How do I check my bra size?
Will Upbra work for implants?

Help! My Upbra bra doesn’t fit.
What is the guarantee?

Why are your bras so expensive?
What’s your return policy?

What bra is best for low cut tops?
What’s your most popular color?

What’s your largest size?
What are the washing instructions?

Do you accept PayPal?
Is packaging discreet?

Do you ship worldwide?
Will you be releasing more colors and styles for bras and swim?

Do you do overnight shipping?
I don’t see my size. Will you be releasing more?

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