Introducing the Upbra Mobile Size Calculator

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We’ve taken the out the guessing game and made it easy and convenient to find your perfect bra size. We have introduced the revolutionary Upbra Mobile Bra Size Calculator, which gives you the power to find your ideal bra size in the comfort of your own home just by using your phone! After a year of testing on over 8,000 women we're making our new instant loading Mobile Bra Size Calculator available to everyone. You can use your iPhone (5 through X) or the popular Galaxy phones (6/7) to get your size measurement using a method that we've found to be more accurate than using a tape measure on yourself, and about as accurate as having someone else measure you with a tape, while being a whole lot more convenient.

No cameras are used and nothing is stored. Just take a few measurements of yourself with your phone, answer a few questions, and voila -- get your bra size. Not just your size for Upbra bras either. The size you get will work for most other major brands too.

What we learned from 8,000 women is that tape measures are amazingly difficult to use properly. If you try to measure yourself, tapes tend to fall down in the back. If someone else measures you who isn't well trained, they don't know how tight to pull the tape. And even in stores, sometimes the 'pros' will measure you with a bra, and sometimes without. We've also found that the current online trend towards "fit quizzes" assumes you're already wearing the correct size bra. These quizzes ask you how your bra fits; if your bra is big they tell you to get a smaller bra. If it’s too small they tell you to get a bigger bra. We really need a quiz for that?

Over the past year, we've also learned that given a choice, most women will probably use our Mobile Bra Size Calculator once or twice a year and would rather not have to download an app from the app store to do that. Therefore we've decided to make the Upbra MBSC available exclusively as in instant-use web experience.

How it works

You'll be asked to select the phone you're using. If you're using an iPhone or a Galaxy phone, select your specific phone and then measure yourself on three different charts. Select the numbers that correspond to the best measurements of your breast and the MBSC will reassign a series of two-dimensional measurements into three-dimensional calculations and match them up to its database of real world measurements and calculate your bra size. It will ask you a few questions to make sure your measurements were consistent, and if it calculates that everything was done correctly, it will give you your bra size. In some cases, the MBSC will calculate that some of the measurements were inaccurate, in which case it will suggest that you either try again or call a sizing expert at Upbra.

The best part is that there are no measuring tapes and no hit-or-miss measurements from store employees and no pictures are taken at all. It is all done by matching yourself to a series of graphics. With something as important as your bra size you want to make sure it’s right! Find your perfect size today with Upbra’s Mobile Bra Size Calculator.


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