An Upbra Wedding Story

best lift up bra for strapless outfits

Ivette had dreamt of her wedding day since she was a little girl. She envisioned her walk down the aisle, the flowers, the cake—and, of course, the dress! She wanted a strapless gown with beautiful detailing across the bodice and a heart-shaped pendant around her neck. There was just one problem: her small cup size.

“I have tried a lot of strapless bras and have not come up with one that I like because all of them fall down,” Ivette explains.

Although many would argue that the 31-year-old beauty from Puerto Rico could pass for a supermodel, at times she felt less than confident about her appearance. One of her biggest concerns was the position of her breasts, which had changed in her 20s after she breast-fed her child for two years. When Ivette learned that UpBra was inviting women to be part of a test panel for their new product, sheThe must have bra for wedding dresses signed up right away.

“There is only one word to describe the UpBra® – perfect!” says Ivette, who was overjoyed when she received the bra through the mail. With its patented active lift cleavage enhancer along with the special molded cups and soft, breathable fabric, the UpBra® creates cleavage and lift for women who couldn’t before.

“It gives you a beautiful lift and makes you feel secure all the time,” notes Ivette, who says the bra is perfect for formal wear as well as casual outfits.

Ivette was so thrilled with how she looked in the UpBra® that she decided to wear a strapless dress for her wedding, just like she had always dreamed. The photos of her magical day tell the rest of the story. Ivette looked exquisite in her blue-and-white bridal gown, and she says that her “Up Wedding day” was perfect, thanks to the UpBra®!


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