Here's Why Upbra Bras are Perfect for Implants


The “implant gap” is a very common issue that occurs for women after having breast implants. It most often occurs while the implants are new or are spaced slightly far apart, and makes it difficult for the breasts to fully come together to create cleavage, even when wearing push up bras.

No bra even approaches Upbra when it comes to implants Woman is shown getting the look she wants from her magnificent implants and an Upbra bra


However, Upbra has the ability to solve this issue and close the implant gap- the adjustable platforms within the Upbra bra cups help to lift and push together the breasts, creating an incredible look!

**Effects may vary depending on the size/type of implants you have and how long you have had them. If your implants are very new, we suggest waiting at least 6 months before purchasing the Upbra in order to achieve the best fit and results possible.**


Many women have uneven breasts as a result of breast surgery. For women who have had lumpectomies or mastectomies, Upbra bras can be used to create symmetry for uneven breasts and help restore body confidence which may have been lost as a result of breast removal surgeries.

Picture of part of the secret behind the power of Upbra bras

Upbra® bras provide a solution for symmetry for uneven breasts through the use of the patented cleavage control straps, which allow the left and right breasts to each be adjusted independently to the desired cleavage level. Upbra’s unique, patented ActiveLift® Technology system allows women with asymmetrical breasts to achieve beautiful, even cleavage without the use of pads or inserts.

**Upbra is not recommend for women who are still in post-surgical recovery or for women who may have skin sensitivities to the silicone within the cups.**

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