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best lift up bra for strapless outfits

We size Upbra bras to be as convenient as possible.  Over the past 3 years,  we've made hundreds of modifications to each bra size we make and we continue to adjust and improve each size we make.  But our core philosophy is that most women are familiar with the 3 major brand bras in the world and we do our best to make sure our bra sizes align with those major brands.  If you normally wear a 36B from the "big guys" you should get a 36B Upbra bra.  Another advantage to having compatible bra sizing is when we talk with customers on the phone, or in chat, our specialists can start off by asking "have you used the Upbra Mobile Bra Size Calculator to find your size" and if not, they can ask what size she is in one of the major brands.  It would be a major inconvenience and hurdle to our customers if we went off and sized our bras differently. 

Instead of trying to size bras differently, we try to size them better. It is important that Upbra bras fit well, so right from the start we added multiple strap attachment points, a 4 hook back for a better range of torso fit, and built right into the cleavage and lift adjustment mechanism is a full cup of latitude.

Where we draw the line is in how many retail stores tend to measure women. In our experience they often do it wrong. If someone at a store says they can size you with your padded bra on, they are wrong. If they suggest a 34B or a 36B after barely looking at you, they are probably in a hurry. But if you do get fitted properly, and you really are a 34C, then get a 34C Upbra bra. Simple so far right?

The Not So Simple Sizes

We see women all the time who are a perfect 33B or 35C or 31C. The great thing is that since we tweaked the design for each of our line of Upbra bras around real women, we can fit a greater range of sizes without adding more confusion in the shopping process. In general, we suggest to our customers that if they are in-between sizes, they should choose an Upbra in a smaller band and a larger cup. For example, if you measure as a 33B, we suggest you get a 32C Upbra bra. If you measure 35C, we suggest you get a 34D.

How We Test Our Sizes

We constantly test our fit, sizing, and the cleavage and lift performance on all of our bras. Unlike most brands, we also make constant improvements to our designs. We test sizing and performance on real women, on models, on friends and on our employees. Constantly. Over the past 3 years, by listening to our testers, and to our customers, we've improved the cleavage and lift performance of all of the Upbra styles, as well as improving the comfort and fit. It is a never ending process. We don't just call up a factory in China and ask for a new design. We design and manufacture everything in our own factories in Northern California.

Another point is our focus on excellence. We only have one strapless bra, one convertible bra, one T-shirt bra, one style of swim top and as we launch our next series of styles, there will only be one of each of those too. We focus all of our expertise on creating best-in-class bras. The one Stay-up Strapless bra we offer is the best Strapless bra out there. It provides amazing cleavage for small sizes, and then amazing lift for larger sizes, and because of the way it distributes the forces evenly around the body, it stays up better than any other strapless bra, and it doesn't even need to stick to you. Every aspect of every Upbra bra has been designed based on customer input, and we still ask ourselves every day what can we do better.




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