Why Are Upbra® Bras So Expensive?

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Ever wonder why are Upbra bras so expensive? What makes it so expensive? Why are Upbra bras more expensive than others? Well, we are here to explain why.

Made In USA

Of all the bra brands out there, only a few still manufacture their products here in the USA. Upbra® bras are one of the few brands still proudly made by hand by some of the best sewers in the USA.

Outsourcing allows companies to save costs on materials and labor, as well as to increase their profit margin: the average cost of bras made overseas is $4-$7. However, outsourcing often results in products which usually have lower quality materials, as well as imperfect construction. Upbra bras are the most complicated bras made, with more components than any bra has ever had, and those materials have to be expertly produced.”


Upbra bras and swim tops are handmade by our team of skilled seamstresses right here in California. The seamstresses also work closely with our design team and manufacturing engineers, and design improvements are made weekly. If a component of an Upbra is bra is off by just a millimeter, it’s off, nobody can wear it. Machines that can do the kind of detailed multi layer construction used in Upbra bras don't exist.

The cost of Upbra bras and swim tops reflects the care and craftsmanship put into each and every product that we manufacture, and we are proud to have all Coolware products fully sourced and constructed in the USA.



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